Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain 's Glorious Victory - I love the spirit and joy of World Cup…

Finally, Spain is crowned as the ultimate winner of the World Cup 2010 early this morning. Just as predicted by Paul the Oracle Octopus, the European champions  became world champions for the first time with Andres Iniesta’s goal in extra time.

Owh..I like Andres Iniesta’s tribute to his lost friend - on his t-shirt - despite his yellow card for his gesture.

Paul’s prediction of the World Cup winner is the first match he was asked to predict that did not involve his native Germany. Obviously, that was not bothered him at all. Paul is now an international celebrity and a popular icon. We should however take it as coincidence and should let Paul be as every other octopus wishes they could be.

Other than Paul – the most sensational news in this World Cup 2010 campaign - I love the tears laughter joy and pride of it. And definitely, I love the spirit behind it. The whole world is giving attention to it, and everyone is enjoying its excitement. And should give credit to FIFA for their effort of their words – say no to racism – before matches.

Husband : “Mama, maybe we can start saving. We really need to be there - in Brazil in the 2014 World Cup”.

Me : “Are you kidding me??? Owhh okay..”

And me grinned the whole day..

Owhh..he’s got the fever..not only fever..that is WC viruses!! And it needs antibiotics to fight!! – could only be found in 4 years time..!!! huhu…

Credit to yahoo for the pics

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