Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When someone is winning, someone has got to lose

Yesterday was my next date after I missed my weekly dates -- two consecutive episodes of “Desperate Housewives” on 8tv. Honestly, this series really made my Tuesdays.. I enjoy its dramatic plots, which were well screened and was following this series since it’s’ 2nd season.

Unfortunately, I missed the “hotter and hottest” scenes of this series for the last 2 weeks. Pity me. Hahaha…or unlucky may be. But do care with what you watch ok, especially with those 18sx series and Desperate Housewives is one of them. Lucky me coz my son is toooooo small to understand what is ‘hot’ and what is not..huhuhu.. You might have watched them on HBO or Star Movies (not sure which is which) earlier than what being pictured on 8tv. May be I could ‘bribe’ dearie hubby to include new package of Astro in our existing package later ..hihihi…

Parenting tips : Monitoring or co-watching on what your children are watching on television is better than avoiding them from watching it.

Ok, put aside all those issues on “hotter and hottest” scenes. I was thinking there might be a room for me to write on this. Does it sound sooo serious??hihihi..

Yesterday’s episode is about a winner who ‘loses’.

Yup, winning is not all about winning. If you give way to someone else that is in need, which in turn would result you to ‘lose’, you could in fact consider yourself a ‘winner’ in your life.

I.e, you have saved some money for yearsss to buy a designer handbag you've been dreaming/'craving' of since you were small (is it???) but at the same time your relative needs money for medication. Which one is your priority? No doubt everyone wishes to ‘win’ in life; to have great family, great job, great health condition, good companion etc etc. After all, it is for us to decide?

From yesterday’s inspiring episode, my 2cents are:

1. Always be grateful to Allah with what you have and stop complaining on what you do not have.

If we think we are unfortunate, bear in mind that there will always be someone else out there who is more unfortunate.

Nick Vujicic - admire him for his guts..[more about him here]

2. Just be yourself.

Ignore what others bad-mouthing about you and your life because no one is going to be hurt physically anyway. If you think too much on what other people talk and think about you, you would suffer emotional distraction and depression in your entire life. Remember that we can’t stop them from talking bad and bad-mouthing, that’s human nature.

3. Don’t be pity with yourself if you lose.

Don't be sad if you lose something. You might be a winner to someone else or when it comes to a different situation. Always believe that Allah will only test those who can bear with it. “Dark” might turn “bright” in future.

It is soooo truly true, when you are winning; definitely someone has got to lose…That is what life is all about.

In what sense? Definitely it is for us to think…. : P


ayukhairy said...

ami....sama la..tak tgk gak desperate housewives mlm td...
tidur awal sbb nak bangun sahur..
selalu ada ulangan kan...hehe

amirah said...

aah la ayu..hari jumaat kut tapi takleh tggu yg tu lagi lambat..kena gak tgk hari selasa

Naimatul Hafizah Nor Rodin said...

tq sebab rajin dtg blog akak. terharu sgt. insya Allah akak akan rajin datang blog amirah pulak. akak ni sgt terhad masa utk jln2 blog kwn2 ni.hehe. kalau sempat akak singgah...