Monday, July 05, 2010

Good Job Germany..!!

Finally, my selected team, Argentina is out from the World Cup 2010 finals.. Again, Germany got their next 4 after their great victory against England the other day. I would say, I enjoyed the way Germany played the game.

It might be the hardest thing for Lionel Messi to accept, being one of the world’s best players. Of course it hurts. And definitely it hurts all the fans all over the world as well. To Diego Maradona, it was the most disappointing moment in his life as Argentines’ coach. It is said that it was the sad end for the most interesting man of the tournament (hehehe….a truly enthusiastic coach!!!)

And again, it’s a game after all. Ultimately, someone is winning. Good job Germany.

What ever it is, we can see that the most important thing in a team is the team spirit. In football, a team can’t win unless they work as a team. It really matters. Its about time for the anti-stars to shine in the World Cup tournament and emerge as heroes when their aim is all about winning the games instead of commercials. Yes, it is true. Argentina and Brazil depend so much on their stars. It is rather unfortunate when you have great players yet they can’t even get the ball at their feet…..

Really look forward to the semi final matches. Hope Germany and Spain could make it to the finals.

Go Germany and show an interesting match..!!